Thursday, May 27, 2004

myWeek of teaching posts:

I was going to blather on about pop culture today. Maybe I'll do it next week, instead. After a curious series of classes the last week or so, I was completely surprised on the desk this afternoon. The head of the branches, the head of the Manhattan borough office, and the head of the Clickon program (along with the nice new head of training for the library) showed up and personally gave me a thank you note for teaching classes. Apparently, my aggregate rating as a teacher is an 8.07 our of 10.

Well. I am by nature a cynic. But, say what you want about compensation, having three of my bosses come down to say "thank you" made me feel very nice. And I think that's a feeling that will last for a while. Thank you back, Bonnie, Mary K., and Brook.

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