Thursday, May 06, 2004

So, I am often on the desk and subject to a conversation that goes like this:

Patron: Do you have time on the internet?

Me: I can give you an appointment at 3:30.

Patron: You don't have anything earlier than that?

Me (This is fictional. It has never happened.): Yes, I do, but I really hate that sweater. So I'm not going to give it to you. By 3:30 I'll be off the desk, and I won't have to look at it. Now go away, I'm just about to finish my Hearts game.

Really. What kind of question is that, anyway? Of course I don't have anything earlier than that. If I did, I would say so. What kind of odd little algorithm do they think I'm running in my head?

"If I tell them there's appointment's available one hour after the next available appointment, then there will always be appointments for Beyonce when she comes in. And then, the mice will reward me."