Saturday, May 22, 2004

This morning I presented my best email class ever. Possibly the best beginner's email class ever given in the history of adult education. I had fifteen inexperienced people registered in an hour, and was able to go over the details of their email for another hour after that.

The last time I gave an email class, I hadn't even finish registering them after two hours. I thought I was being a crap teacher until somebody asked: what do you mean security question? For, like the eighth time in a row. Then I just gave up and rode the class down, like Major T.J. 'King' Kong in Doctor Strangelove.

The real problem with signing up a roomful of people who've barely used the internet for an email account is that some people are have a hard time catching on to the internet environment and some people don't. So a lot of people are sitting around bored and waiting for you to get to the next step, while you are explaining the current one to a few people, over and over.

This time, I had only one real problem case (and mind you, it was a language barrier, not an attitude problem) and two great assistants. We collectively rocked, I think.

Mostly, though, I got through by being kind of a drill sergeant. All said, nobody seemed bent out of shape. In fact, fewer seemed bent out of shape than when I mollycoddled my abortive previous class and ended up with nothing for the effort.

Yesterday we went to the Central Park Zoo with Poppy. This was not nearly as fun as going to the aquarium. I blame the commute: it took us three times as long to get out to Central Park and back than it did to Coney Island. And once there, we felt like we'd invested too much energy to turn right back, even though Poppy was clearly too worked up to enjoy anything. She wanted to wander: we couldn't, really. By the end of the petting zoo, she was hysterically screaming "naughty, naughty" at the goats because they wouldn't come close enough to get petted. Dude. Bad scene.

Bad parents that we are, we fed her hot, warm pretzel and thereby anesthetized her for the trip home. Well, it wasn't Benadryl. She was, unfortunately, much better company asleep yesterday. She did learn a new word: Mon-KEY. Like all words, it is fiendishly cute when exiting her face through her smile.

I changed the title of my blog, today. From Marginalia, to Whole Nother. As in, thing.

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