Monday, June 28, 2004

Most exciting news of the weekend: We had our very first conversation ever with Calliope.

I brought her out to breakfast, and after her milk, and during her Cheerios, she asked for company, as she usually does. Mostly it's her tiger. "Ty-Gee." This morning, she asked for a "Dahl."

"Which Doll?" I asked. "Would you like Daphne or Emmaline?"


Ruby figured it out. Troll. "Would you like red hair troll doll or blue hair troll doll?" I asked.

She thought for a moment.


A conversation!

To cross the streams, which I try never to do: If I have minis out on the table in the morning, which I sometimes do, I tell her they are my little mens when she asks. She never, ever fails to waggle her finger at them and proclaim them naughty. No! She jabs her finger at them emphatically. Which hurts my feelings to no end.

They are nice little mens. Despite the weapons and teeth. How come my dolls are naughty?

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