Wednesday, September 22, 2004

You have to understand what I live with.

Ruby wakes up and says: "I dreamed we went to Halloween town. It was the first time we'd had fun in years. We dropped the baby off with a claymation baby sitter.

We were in this bar made of candy, and the bartender said: You have to rate my bar, otherwise people will eat it.

I said to you: We have to come back, but you said, "Nah, not enough strippers. And then I looked at the table, and there were all these gingerbread men, and they were peeling off their icing."

So, what role do I play in the private universe in her head, now? Dream interpretation, anybody?

In other news, I am so not feeling like a nice man today.

Poppy can handle a sandwich. I remember when she couldn't. She would pick it apart, but now she can fist it into her face pretty well. That is so cool. She can say Blue instead of Boo. She knows when I'm going to work (shoes and tie give it away, I imagine). "Work?" She says, and then wrinkles her face up in that parody of anxiety. Her brain is like a little octopus, reaching in all directions.

Reading: Hogfather,by Terry Pratchett. Ruby says this isn't her favorite, and I've seen at least one review that said it was pretty bad. But: Santa Clause gets killed, and Death has to take over his rounds. What's not to like? I am enjoying it.

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