Friday, October 29, 2004

Yesterday's highlight was lunch with my co-workers and watching my boss accept the library excellence award. The PDL staff worked hard for that award, and she and they deserve the recognition for it. The Top Tech Trends workshop was very interesting, and I'm beginning to think about doing a little futurizing myself. Everything after that was pleasant, but mostly review material.

As far as conventions go, they are not as efficient a learning environment as, say, the classroom.

Today I go to a workshop on blogging in libraries, and then it's all a spectator sport. Keynote speech and author award luncheon. I will blog about anything good, but in truth am looking forward to heading home. It's a nice drive. Traverse City could definitely be a vacation destination for me. I'm thinking "Cherry Festival." Woo Hoo! Cherries! I bought Poppy a toy car.

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