Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Laser Beams

So I was at a planning meeting for the library's web page and associated technology today.

When people asked me: Kapture, what would you like to see in the library, I said Laser Beams.

HAHAHA, Kapture, what a card. What a funny guy.


I really want more laser beams in the library. We already have them: what library doesn't have a scanner? You could use them for anything. We're talking about stats: we could put electric eyes at the door and information desk, and determine how quickly patrons coming in reach a service point and then get service. We could put them in nametags and measure how many times we stop to talk and for how long, automatically discounting our co-workers faces. We could determine our community's favorite color from the clothes they wear when they come in, and repaint the library to match.

We could probably even use them to dry hands in the bathroom, although it might wreak havoc with one color in your tattoo pigments.

Laser beams are SO cool.

So are double staffing pixies. But laser beams are cooler, because they're real.


How much would it cost? I don't know. I'm not the tech guy. I'm the idea guy.

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