Friday, December 31, 2004

I felt a resolution coming on in the shower this morning.

I told it to get back into it's hole.

I hate this holiday. It sort of galls me that it treads on the hem of one that I really do like.

It's not the excess, the drinking, the fireworks, and parties that I hate. I could use more of that, though I do see the wisdom of keeping off the roads.

It's this idea that you go into the new year, shiny and fresh and NOT dragging the scarred hulk of your aspirations and responsibilities like you do year after year. I suppose S.A.D. has something to do with this.

I think the fat guy in the red suit is a more real thing to celebrate than aspirations. He is hope and cheer and the idea that maybe you deserve something special out of life. Yes, yes, yes. Jesus, too, if that's your cup of tea.

On the other hand, I will wish my smiley little girl happy new years, every year, with a straight face. Because she has a chance of doing entirely new things all year for a long time to come.

Oh, and Katie Rose, and Meagan and Haley. They all get a happy new year, but especially Katie Rose, because this is will be the first year she's stuck her head outside of her mamma's belly.


So, last night we couldn't sleep, and were up watching a Spider Man cartoon with Venom in it. Now, I love comics, but I've never been that much of a Spidey fan. As I found myself explaining the history of the Venom character to Ruby, and how if differed from the comics, I found it truly eerie how much of his history I could parrot back to her. It's like a strange kind of osmosis, you just absorb it from being around it all the time. I couldn't use this skill for math, or even anthropology, but I have endless amounts of trivia about games and comic books characters that I've never even read at my mental fingertips.

Fans are so weird.

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