Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I don't know why you say goodbye...

I say hello.


I were 14.


I were in an AOL chatroom.


Would be my opening:

I am soooo drunk.

This is what comes of a lifetime of abstinence. The lifetime, of course, being that of my three and a half year old daughter, who causes said abstinence. After all, there are duckies and puzzles to be purchased.

I had intended to recommence my journal when I had been retired a year, which would be 4 weeks from now, give or take.

However, in four weeks, I won't be doing anything interesting again. So liquered up and sitting in a hotel room with a laptop, I begin writing in my blog again.

To quote Krusty: "Oooh. That's not good."

There are ground rules.

I will try to post weekly. There are no guarantees. I know my legions of fans will be disappointed.

I had been considering posting anonymously, which means starting yet another blog. The problems with that are many. I am vain and want to become known for my opinions, being one. I can't update one blog, let alone two, being two. The benefits include anonymity, a plus for a professional with as much natural bile as I have. The compromise is this: I will freely criticize all parts of public service, my chose profession, in as polite a fashion as I can possibly manage. Hopefully I will not end up fired.

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