Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stumbling around

A coworker found this, and showed it to me, and I laughed off and on for days. I think it is even funnier posted to my blog. I hope it doesn't draw a cease and desist letter. This is fair use, right?

In any case, one of the real, unadulerated pleasures of working in an actual public library building is serendipity. I can't tell you how empty hours I've wasted pouring over folklore dictionaries looking for odd little tales, how many patrons with interesting names I've run across, and how many off little facts I've run down for people. Really, I can't tell you. I forget all my good stories as soon as they happen.

But happen they do. Libraries are one of those cultural lint traps, where all sorts of curiosities end up. If you work in them for long enough, they stick to you, and you become a kind of curiosity.

Case in point, the friends of the St. Agnes branch of the New York Public created a display of things that they'd found in donated books: photos, money, airplane tickets. You'd be surprised what people use as bookmarks, and it was always interesting to see what funny little bits of marginalia they'd collected. I liked poking through tiny bits of other people's lives exposed.

I found this in a donated book a couple of days ago. I like it alot. It has sheep in it.

Lastly, something I do on the desk when I am zoned beyond belief is blogsurf. If you go to, there is a running ticker of recently updated blogs.

I've made a game out of it, a sort of endurance test: how many random blogs can you look at before you find something truly horrible or really wonderful.

Today, I found quite possibly the most aimlessly belligerant blog on the web. Many blogs are about loathing, but they loathe someone.

This chick,
ferinstance, loathes everyone she thinks God's on the outs with.

But I dunno. I can't figure if that first guy is being funny or not. He's so perfectly deadpan. If he's not, I think he's a serial killer waiting to happen, and were I a chick, in the UK, I would be so very afraid.

But I'm not. Now lets see how many times I go back to his blog before I have to poke out my eyes with a stick.

Come to think of it, I can't figure out if shelleytherepublican is being funny or not. She reads like a Landover stereotype.