Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wikipedia is fucking cool, not because it's authoritative (which, I've no doubt it is, in places), but because it treats completely unauthoritative subjects authoritiatively.

I can't count the number of times I've gone to Wikipedia just to get the feeling for an off topic. I would never recommend a patron use an article without a dash of salt, but hot damn, there's no place else that I can run across a fruity topic like "cosmic rods" and find a cogent summary plus tons of wierd side issues.

Further examples are Otherkin, the technical and PC term for that guy you knew in high school who said he was a space alien, or the artist at the SF con who claimed to be a vampire.

Following various links concerning consipracy theory, you can come up with a wealth of stuff, from this guy who writes books about shapeshifting carnivorous lizards in our government, the Illuminati, and Discordians.

Yee Ha.

Lastly, it's a great frikkin' place to find summaries of comic book series, like Planetary, if your unsure if you want to buy them.

There are arguments about whether Wikipedia is authoritative. I don't think that really matters so much. Nobody should ever get their information from a single resource. It is funky in a concise and thorough matter, a really handy tool.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Funny Little Surprises in Life

We have bunnies in the back yard. Ruby and I are kind of fucked up in that we get attached to yard pests. It happened with the squirrels that hung out for the free peanuts outside our apartment from when we first moved out here. It happened with the starlings nesting in our roof in Brooklyn. And here you are. Bunnies eating our clover and weeds, and we are charmed.

Our main bunny has a white spot in the middle of his forehead.

The last time I had a weekend... April? No, it has to be more recent than that. Doesn't it? I went for coffee at the coffee beanery, then to browse Barnes and Noble. And guess what? I found a totally unanticipated new volume of Y: The Last Man, a graphic novel series that I like alot. And so I sat down and read the whole thing, right there.

If you hack around on the web long enough, you will find some very funny things.

Like this:


and this:


Hee, I say. Hee.