Friday, May 04, 2007

Blogs worth feeding

The joy of setting up an RSS feed is that you can check it every day and look at the posts that are most interesting. The problem is that the wealth of possible content can make you feel obligated to read every single post. The ideal is to find blogs that you can page through quickly, or update infrequently, and always have interesting material. I have a bunch of blogs that are more useful to me: hobby and work related blogs. This is a list of the blogs that I find most worthwhile: browsing them often brings me a little feeling of joy. They maximize the interest to volume ratio.

Bibliodyssey: This blog is for book, art, and history lovers alike. This dude posts pictures of old manuscripts that are both beautiful and informative. It is a window into the personalities of other ages. I made a PC desktop out of a page from an old alchemical manuscript, and would hang pages from the Islamic science manuscripts on my walls if I could figure out how to make posters out of them.

Indexed: Oddest web comic evar, I get a huge kick out of seeing graphs as cartoons. It takes some work to decipher the joke sometimes, but quite often, between the label and the graph there is a fun or charming joke. April 20th is simple and amusing. March 27th is pointed. And amusing.

Be not solitary, be not alone: I ran across this lady's blog at random. She is cheery, takes lovely , richly textured pictures of interesting things (bugs and ?Taiwanese? market places and tourist spots). Her posts are spotty, but always interesting to page through.

Jeff's Gameblog: I think this guy is one of the sharpest nails in the box, largely because he has a good idea of why people have fun playing games. Such as this rule. This blog is largely for uber tabletop gaming nerds.

Post Secret: Because it reminds me that, despite the professional or kewl facades that we show the world, there really is a wealth of feeling in the human animal.

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