Thursday, November 02, 2006


Trying something new this morning. Excercised last night. Getting up at 5:30 to try and write. This is based on some things I've been thinking about: heard a guy who got a novel published talking about stealing time for writing in the morning, and heard some chicks talking to us at staff development day talking about unhooking from work by excericsing afterwards. Figured it wasn't working for me the other way around, I'll try it this way.

It may be a one day experiment. Unfortunately, I was up till 11 watching the Slither DVD extras. Had frenetic dreams about work: crabby patrons and nosebleeds. Need to figure out how to program the coffee machine.

Let's see: will write 1 pg of novel 3, 1 blog post, some stats for new game.

Blog post done. I'm surprised how well I type in the dark. Only numbers and punctuation are really a problem.

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