Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is "day three" of my little social experiment, begun 6 days ago. It was interupted by my little girl puking at 2:30 AM, and then the weekend. Yesterday I wrote a hard page. Hard meaning it was tough stringing all the sentences together. Today will go better, I hope: blog entry, page or two, some stats for my game.

My third novel, not counting partial manuscripts, is tentatively title Red House. It a Fantasy novel about a pre-adolescent girl who lives in a gigantic old house with her cousins, under the tutalage of her grandmother and various aunts. The only men she ever sees are on the street, or at occasional family functions. She is being tutored in magic, among other things. What she really wants to do is cast a kind of spell that she isn't supposed to be able to. Most of her search is about finding that spell. Some of it is about finding out about her mother, and father, and why they aren't around. The rest of it is about why her family lives in such a strangely segregated way.

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