Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cure for the Emo-time blues.

Poppy: "Mumma, I told Daddy that I was going to be his pet lion. Then when I roared, he just ran away."

Daddy: "It was scary."

Poppy: "You're just not used to having a pet lion."

So, here's my homebrew cure for S.E.D., or seasonal Emo disorder.

1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness
2. Dude Looks Like a Lady - Aerosmtih
3. Play the Funky Music - Average White Band
4. Love Shack - B-52's
5. She Don't Use Jelly - Ben Folds Five
7. Pink Cadillac - Aretha Franklin
6. Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas
7. I Get Knocked Down - Chumbawumba
8. Allstar - Smashmouth
9. Push the Little Daisy's - Ween
10. Beatles - Here Comes the Sun (I put this on every solstice, or thereabouts.)

Put them on, dance with your four year old.

Remember - Forever Young, by Alphaville, makes her sad. It is only a cheerful song if you are encrusted with Emo.

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