Thursday, January 03, 2008

What I done good in 2007

I don’t do resolutions. Not for several years. Curiously enough, this year I seem to be running into other people who feel the same way in the bloggosphere. Largely due to my RSS feed.

I had just about decided to create a list of goals for 2008, inspired by our yearly routine at work, when I ran across this post from a personal finance blog that I peruse regularly.

I will probably still do so. But, not wanting to copy, I decided to create a list of what I done good in 2007.

1. I oversaw the reconstruction of the atrium of our library. I’ve done this kind of stuff before, having opened two branches of the New York Public Library to the public. This time, though, it felt really good. Largely because it made my current library look like a place that people can really use and be comfortable in, something that libraries aren’t often good at.

I did it, of course, under the aegis of my director and with much help from my staff and other staff members.

2. I wrote approximately 234 pages of my third (unpublished) novel. Originally, I was shooting for 800. But I had an epiphany a month ago that the book was just going to be too long at the pace I was going. I am hoping to finish a first draft by March, but we’ll see.

2A. Also wrote a couple of short stories. The problem comes when trying to rewrite them.

3. I kept up with my other blog, a magic item blog for the Dungeons and Dragons game. Even though I found out in August that it was going to be largely marginalia. Is that stick-to-it-ness, or idiot addiction to routine?

4. I started a regular exercise routine. Nearing forty, I’m finding it more and more necessary. I do calisthenics when I get up on time. I’m on our elliptical trainer at least 30 minutes every other day.

5. Went back to the New York environs to visit many people I hadn't seen for two years.

All right, Goals:

Read Frankenstein.

Huckleberry Finn.

Read anything about China.

Cook a couple of meals. Actual meals. I liked cooking.

Make one submission per month, working towards a goal of having three submissions in circulation if possible.

Write 3 pieces of flash fiction (added Jan 25th)

I'm also, as a side dish, going to try and make and upload a Youtube video.

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