Friday, February 16, 2007

I am grumpy and anxious, but that's to be expected. It is winter, the sky is gray and so is my personality.

That said, life is good. I joined a regular writers group, and I enjoyed my first meeting. Last night, I got a killer idea for my regular Dungeons and Dragons game, a space opera, fantasy tech plotline that ties previous plotlines together with the current one (which, honestly, had been foundering) and the PCs interests, and is very scalable, so that even if my game ends soon, I will be able to run a chunk of this comfortably. It is SUITE, with a capital soo-ey.

Thing two is I got a great idea for a short story this morning, as I sat down at my desk.

Plus, my daughter is lovelier and smarter every day. She made me a Valentine spider out of pipe cleaners and construction paper. Minky is happy because we have pipe cleaners around the house again. And, of course, my beautiful wife is working on the end of a novel right now. When the women in my house are happy, I'm happy.

Last, I found an abandoned die in one of our meeting rooms. I thought somebody was playing craps, maybe the senior center computer club, but it turns out the manga group was in there, so it was probably a different sort of game altogether. It has a huge yellow pip for the one, and the four is yellow, too. It is translucent and red.

I will keep it in my office for two weeks in case someone comes after it. Otherwise, it's mine.

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