Saturday, April 28, 2007

I posted a link to the funniest gaming comic strip ever earlier. For sheer funny, you cannot beat something like singing about TPK (A "total party kill*" for those not in the know) and ressurection spells to the tune of Danny Boy. It's... the combination of knowledge so obscure ("nerdy") with something so heartfelt that does it to me, I think. Like nitpicking at someone's feelings is funny. It is the radical disconnect of perfoming an action so petty in the face of something so elementally unchangeable that makes me grin.


I began thinking about feelings and geek culture. I've been turning that over in my head for a week now, since I heard about the cancellation of Dungeon and Dragon magazines. It made me melancholy. I know, it's silly. But it's like the death of a favorite character in a much loved book or show. Above is the cover of the first issue of Dragon Magazine I ever bought, when I was in sixth grade. When I was a kid, it was something really magical. It was a source of fresh ideas for playing a game based around ideas. It was all new and exciting. For a nerdy little bastard like me, opening a copy of Dragon Magazine was like finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk.

A dollar was still a lot of money in sixth grade. Well, when I was in sixth grade. It could still get you a comic book.

I don't buy Dragon much, now. I use my own ideas in games now, mostly. And glossy magazines are expensive, anymore. But it was a great companion to me as a child.

I really hope the new "digital initiative" thing that Wizards of the Coast is replacing the magazines with pans out, because I think it has the potential to give the gaming community much more new stuff for lots cheaper. So, I say to Wizards, "you go, boys."

* A total party kill is when all the PCs (Player Characters) in a party are slain during a battle. I personally think that a GM's attitude towards TPK says alot about them. Was that a just a huge mistake, or a triumph?

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