Monday, September 17, 2007

Some things about writing

Thing 1: There is an economics to writing. For most writers, time spent writing is time not spent with your kids or friends. It is time not spent relaxing or on vacation. It is extra person hours in an individual schedule that is otherwise spent earning money to feed, house, clothe, and entertain oneself. And you must do it cheerfully, because no one cares if you bitch about your hobbies.

Thing 2: While I was at the convention last April, I ran around telling everybody that I'm interested in "the process," only to realize after doing my two pages one morning that it's true. I like having written. Not in the sense of the canard: "I hate writing. I like having written." I feel rewarded to have 2 pages more of a book each day that I get up to write. Unless it was a particularly bad two pages. Maybe it's my acquisitive nature. I like squirreling away my story on its pages, bit by bit. Knowing how hard it is to find financial reward, I think I've got the better end of the writing thing, now.

Thing 3: I don't get writer's block. Ever. I get ambition block. I get periods where I want to write something other than what I'm working on, but I can't figure out WHAT. I get days where I sit in front of my screen and think: "Fuck my head for an empty soccar ball. I am fresh hell out of cool." It never lasts for long. I can always wait it out, just like I do my perodic bouts of lassitude. I never like either period. See above.

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