Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gone visitin'

Notes on travelling:

I decided to re-write and date this post because, honestly, it was emotionally false. It sounded peevish to me, and although I am often peevish, it doesn't really reflect how I am feeling about travelling.

Travel is broadening: It's true. I don't know who said it. But travel, all travel, not just to exotic shores, but stupid little jaunts to Cedar Point. I have written about how browsing is the one great act of mystery in life. Travelling, like shopping, and cruising, and surfing the net. They all offer direct, unfiltered access to the parts of the world. (Fri, Mar 30th)

I love travelling. Really, I love driving. I love getting in a car and going for awhile, just seeing things on the road, people in rest stops. It reminds me of things, like how I don't want to become a cartoon of my ideals, and how people use the gaudy and ephemeral to give themselves definition. I adore the gaudy and ephemeral. I will be a very tacky old man.

Because I have a poindextery, librarianish love of dates, I took rough notes on time of departure and arrival. We drove approximately ten hours to New Jersey, three chunks each day. It was nice and leisurely. We pushed a little more the first day, and traffic was clear. There was a huge mass of congestion on the east edge of Pennsylvania. Luckily, it was on the other side of the freeway.

Coming Next: Some travel writing: irrelevant hotel reviews, friendships made and lost, exotic sights.

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