Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So, um.

Over the weekend, I put ads on my two blogs. This one and rosy rod of wonder, my Dungeons and Dragons blog. On that blog, I post magic items that I've created for the game. For those who haven't been exposed to Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft or Harry Potter, when you play a character in a game like Dungeons and Dragons, he often collects magic items: rings or cloaks that make you invisible. Magic swords. Wands that throw spells. Stuff like that.

And ads started showing up.

They are curiously literal. I expected to get ads for RPG stores and massive multiplayer sites and stuff. I got ads for the site Motor City Pagans... which is for people of the neo-pagan faith. And bythesword.com, for people who collect knives and suchlike. And that's cool. Probably a lot of crossover between the role playing and neo-pagan communities. People who buy swords buy dungeons and dragons books. You know.

I'm a little uncomfortable with bestamulets.com, and bestpsychicsources.com. Those seem to be sites that promote magic as an answer to life's problems. I'm all for escapism. But in my real life, I'm a fairly bloody minded atheist. Paying people to perform miracles for you, or even encouraging them to wish upon a star for good luck, strikes me as... impractical at best. Chicanery if you are really making your living off of other people's grief and despair. If you are a skeptic of any sort, you can imagine my chagrin.

My chagrin being what makes it funny, actually. I have kind of a cruel sense of humor.

So, you know. I will wait awhile and see what ads show up generally. I'll see if I can find a way to block the "psychic hotline" style ads if they keep showing.

What I really worry about... see, what I really worry about is that the only two ads that have showed up for this estimable blog have been for insomnia products.

Like, dude. What does that say about my blog?

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Adam said...

Talking about these magic stores will probably only increase the number of ads that will show up about them. Then again my commenting will probably do that also!