Friday, July 27, 2007

Miskelaneous Reviews

Saw the third pirates movie over vacation (cough: two months ago), and liked it alot. It was long, but never really felt it. And it was chock full of cool.

Finished The Color of Magic, striking it off my complete disk world list and the top 20 geek books list.

Terry Pratchett's writing evolves over time, but it was kind of weird reading his first published novel. You can see the bones of all of his themes in it: things man was not meant to know, tyranny of determinism, joy (and terror) of chaos, adventuresome pragmatism versus pragmatic adventurism, the liberating march of technology and cultural change. All his very fun ideas and tweaking of fantastic fiction, layered over sort of incomplete plots and a rather thin, un-compelling set of characters. I'm glad I started reading him in the middle.

Read the latest volume of: Y, the Last Man. Boy, I love that book. I'm so glad comics is moving beyond spandex characters. I mean, I know I spent twenty some years really grooving and spandex antics. But really, I love other kinds of stories, too, and I'm glad really smart writers are getting to share them in comix. Y the Last Man is so hard nosed. I love how it teases you about the origin of the Gendercide with mysticism and pseudo science. I would be charmed if he answered the mystery with a plausible answer, but won't be heart broken if he doesn't.

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