Thursday, August 16, 2007

Turn and face the strange changes...

All right slugger... walk it off. You can do it. Walk it off.

I, uh.

I signed on to the dungeons and dragons website, and I saw this:

For the uninitiated, this is a reference to the long expected fourth edition of dungeons and dragons. All my current books and notes may go kaplooey, depending on how much they change the system.

It's like hearing that your favorite television show is getting canceled. But more so. Cause, you know. This is like fitty percent of my slack time.

I must needs wait for news, but what this means to me on the fly is:

* I don't think I'll be buying in. I don't really want to drop a ton of cash on a new game system right now. Even if the new system is smoove like dat, I can't see putting the kind of money I'd want to into the game.

* My other blog may be entirely outdated.

* I was looking forward to trying the new digital content utility wizards was working on for D and D. But I'm less inclined to do so now.

* Monte Cook's World of Darkness looks cooler to me, so far. I've been wanting to try something besides straight heroic fantasy for a long while.

* Money for DND books can go to something else. Or I can catch up on some stuff. That might be a positive...

Waily, waily.

update 4:14 PM

Scuttlebutt sounds like some pretty big rules changes coming.

A lot of people on the newsgroups are greeting this positively, and I say good on them. Make it a good think for you. Nothing's going to stop it coming, after all. I'm still hoping that many people stick with d20. I will need new material. Anybody want to trade?

Ah, to be quick and funny.

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