Monday, November 05, 2007

Start a new habit

Lets see if I can get in the habit of weekly updates.

Last week was Halloween, of course. And the end of the month. And staff development day. And working one evening. So it was a chock full week.

Halloween is a very important holiday around here. We are "high orthodox Halloween" types. Jack O' Lanterns, pumpkin seeds. Whole nine yards. The friends of our library throws the staff a pizza party on Halloween, and it's always fun to just hand around and chat.

Poppy was a lion for Halloween. She was so excited about trick or treating that I got excited, too. I dressed in some of my Rennie garb. I went to work and told everybody that I was "the guy from Fleetwood Mac." Nobody at the library really gets Rennie. Frankly, I'm not sure I do. But I felt pretty!

I stayed home and handed out candy. Poppy was very excited after coming back. Her pumpkin was full to bursting with candy. Ruby says the Awww factor was so debilitating that some people just kept shoveling her candy as Poppy stood bewilderedly on their porch.

The weekend was national D and D day. I played a game at Fanfare. Then I hung out at the park with Poppy and Ruby. I started teaching Poppy how to play the Pokemon card game. She loves the cards, but she doesn't really understand the rules yet. But we'll see. She always surprises me.

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