Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is my weekly post about life in general. This will be a two week post: I am about to post everything of substance for this week as well, being so close to the end. I'll do a post-Thanksgiving post next week. Like you want to hear about overeating and shopping.

Last week Ruby took Poppy roller skating for the very first time, and Poppy exhibited her usual fighting spirit. Ruby says she got into the rink and fell right on her butt. When Ruby asked her if she wanted help, Poppy howled "I can do it!"

She then proceeded to get up and do it. Then complain about how much her butt hurt for two days. She got huge joy out of having a legitimate reason to say butt.

I heard all this second hand, being a huge non-fan of anything being between my feet and the ground except the floor.

My week has been boring, except for the fact that I was practicing to be a STAR!

Every once a while in my professional life, it seem that I get roped into getting on stage and making an ass of myself. Because librarians are "advocates for the community."

This year, it was the great grown up spelling bee. The spelling is only part of it. The spellers bring along a "cheering squad" and they perform quite elaborate set pieces. I'm sure there will be pictures up soon.

This year, at least I was an ass in style. We had a "Village People" theme. I was the biker. We satirized "YMCA" and "In the Navy" to cheers. And won! Most original something or other. My Glam Fu is strong! Or at least I didn't hold my more daring team members back.

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