Friday, December 21, 2007

I took a picture of our computer stations about 45 minutes ago. There was not a soul using them. I was just about to check out the front windows and make sure there weren't any piles of clothes full of red dust or something in the parking lot. Or a fading mushroom cloud.

Now there are people on the Interwebs. Phew. Civilization continues.

Because it's quiet, I'm going to add a post about last night's gaming group. What I really should be doing is writing something witty to post next week. Banking articles is the key to consistent blogging. But I'm fresh hell out of wit, so close to the holidays.

So I run a game for teenagers once a month in the library. It is beer and peanuts gaming. Without the beer, of course. Because that would be advocating alcohol abuse. Or the peanuts, really. Because of allergies, you know. I have a short adventure with Kobolds, and a longer one that I downloaded from the net. The "plot" involves going from room to room, killing monsters, stealing their stuff. I've been doing this off and on since I got here.

Anyways, it's not the gaming that's the fresh experience. It's always the kids. I like the enthusiasm they have for even simple things. An interesting thing about this last set of games is that it is on the same night, and directly attached to, our Manga club. So I get some young ladies in my groups. One of the young ladies was a warrior with a broad sword, taking great joy in cleaving apart foul fiends.

The kids are fun not just for the way they game. I also like what peripheral bits of conversation I catch about their lives. Some of them were writing books, a personal interest of mine. They have very definite opinions about a lot of subjects. They are bold, and fun, and self confident. They're often a pleasure to be around.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was when a young lady from the other parts of the manga club dropped by to kibbitz. The other kids were talking about their characters. Ms. Kibbitz asked if she could be a "fanciful pony."

There were about a million reasons I found this amusing. First, I liked the language. Fanciful pony is a lovely phrase. Also, she was trying to needle the other players, thinking that "fanciful ponies" weren't "cool" enough for the game. This is just funny to a grizzled old gamer dude like myself.

Also, back when my library group was all young gentlemen, one of my colleagues mortified my group by telling them that we would be playing the "Pretty Ponies Role Playing Game" that day.

Lastly, my own daughter loves My Pretty Ponys and dinosaurs both. When she is of gaming age, and if she shows interest, I would love incorporating fanciful ponies or dinosaurs into the game. Like this guy*.

Hell, I'd do it for my current gamers. I might make them play a pretty ponies game.

I like the juxtaposition, for one. And role playing games are all about the landscape of the imagination. Fanciful ponies are part of that. I liked that the thought of playing magic ponies in Dungeons and Dragons existed at all.

*I don't know if the thread will link consistently, so here's what the OP (original poster) is riffing on. It was a joke, and a funny one. The picture of pretty ponies with polyhedral dice is a hoot. But, it doesn't have to be a joke. OP, by the way, has posted about doing simple LARPs with his pre-school daughter, which I think is hella great.

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