Friday, November 30, 2007

Kindle Price per circ

Is it worth doing any of the projects mentionied in my previous kindle post? How would we determine it?

On the face of it, doing one or two of these projects would be reasonably expensive. $400 for the reader plus $5 to $10 a book for 50 to 200 titles. That's $650 to $2,400 for a project. In concrete terms, for my library, that's a moderately to very expensive project. Multiples, which would be needed if any project took off, would make even a moderately expensive project very expensive. It should look less expensive to large libraries, who are used to fielding projects that cost more.

How many circs would you get out of a Kindle? Well, we circulate most books for 4 weeks, high demand for 2. So, based on that, you would circulate a kindle 13 to 26 times a year.

But use would be more, perhaps. If the kindle circed for 4 weeks, we could assume that 2 of its 200 titles would be read, minimum. Probably more. A book a week? Some people an read a book a day, so it could be up to 28 items used. So each Kindle would be "used" 26*1 (one book read in two weeks) to 13*28 times (one book read per day for four weeks) or 26-364.

That's a range of $25-$50 per circ (midrange $37.5) or $1.75 to $25 per use, midrange ($13.39).

Well, for instance. Many of my bestsellers will circulate 15 to 35 times in the first year. We pay about 15 dollars after jobber discounts. That's a .43 to $1 per circulation or use, or about .79 midrange. 17 to 32 times less expenseive, per use or circ respectively.

That looks really expensive, too.

And it looks like buying one book is 17 times more effective than buying a Kindle with 50 books. It would probably be a geometric progression, too, each book being 17 times more effective. Which makes sense to me because, let's face it, each book is a user interface. Each Kindle is, too, which creates a bottle neck for fifty titles.

And the $650 is for a Kindle with 50 older titles. Best sellers would double the cost per circ/use.

Could you turn those numbers around at all?

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