Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Short Word About the Bullshit Surrounding the Golden Compass

Ruby was all bent out of shape that the Catholic League is throwing a hissy about the Golden Compass movie. We both very much enjoyed the series, and nobody likes to see a favorite book torn down. I suspected it, although I admit I thought it would be the third movie that drew the most fire.

What bothers me more is the kind of ho-humming that this guy does:

"As for the trilogy itself, I'm no fan, but only because I found the last volume confused, muddled, and dramatically, a dud."

I replied:

I have to disagree. That statement sounds like a kind of curmudgeonry. Pullman's thesis was very clear and I didn't have any trouble keeping track of the narrative. You shouldn't have either.

As for dramatic tension, just becuase Lyra didn't cut the head off of Darth Vader doesn't make it boring. The revelation that the universe is bigger than god is exciting. Unless you've already roped off that particular possibility.

But for someone who hasn't, it's kind of exciting. Especially for a fan of teh fantasy who gets a little tired of wonder being co-opted for purposes of obedience.

I'll add that it's especially irritating because he seems like a thoughtful guy. Dissing the literary quality of Pullman is partisian and thoughtless, ignoring the qualities of the work because it proposes an arguement against what you are comfortable with. I'm used to blowhard special interest groups talking smack about areligious works. But at some point I'd like to see a thoughtful reaction from theologians. Who are supposed to be thoughtful.

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jUsT aNoTheR GiRL said...

I have read the books myself and I was not happy about the anti-religion thing in the book, but overall I thought the book was quite good. And I was extremely happy that they took all of that out in the movies, but the thing is there all these e-mails going out saying, "Don't let your kids see this movie cause then they will want to read the books." It's kind of depressing, you know. I was happy and now my parents won't let me see the movie because of the atheist ideas the book supports. I'm a christian and I know I shouldn't see the movie because then that would be supporting the guy who wrote the books just to go against God, but.... You know. The anti-religion was taken out... Ugh.