Friday, December 14, 2007

So yesterday we took Poppy to a rather delayed teacher conference (a scheduling conflict voided the first one).

We were pleased to hear Poppy's teacher tell us how much Poppy likes reading, how she was up to pretty much any academic challenge. While we were talking to the teacher, Poppy was working out words on the white board: Dinusor, Tricerutops. Poppy's kindergarten teacher is a great lady. She's affectionate and clearly cares about her kids, and stresses the importance of play in addition to working on academics.

I was more pleased that her teacher said that Poppy got along well with all the other kids. She plays with everybody. I hope that continues.

In other news, I saw 300. Not impressed at all. It's not like I didn't agree with most of the movie's points. Freedom is great, it should be fought for when necessary.

I suspect that sitting in the middle of a battle field and waiting to get slaughtered is not the best route to freedom. If it's the only route to freedom, I guess the only way you can make it upbeat at all is to have the CHARACTERS YELL ABOUT BRAVERY THE WHOLE TIME. It's a matter of aesthetics, I think. I prefer my last stands to be a little more quiet and steely eyed.

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