Thursday, January 03, 2008

Artist - Brom

I haven't checked out Brom lately. Brom is not a revelation to most afficianados of fantasy art. Although described as merely gothic in his wikipedia article, Brom is my barometer for "atmospheric" and "dark" fantasy art. Starting with his work for RPGs, he has combined genre and fetish influances in ways that create something really fresh and specific, a kind of sub-genre of its own. Although his art is associated with other people's millieus, such as the Dark Sun campaign setting, the Forgotten Realms dark elves, and the Magic the Gathering game, I suspect he has been a major influence on 21st century New Weird and Steampunk genres and stylings. As I looked at his gallery today, I saw works new (to me) that warm the cockles of my New Weird, Genreblending heart. I particularly admire how he merges flesh and technology into something seamless. This gallery page has a more representative selection of his past work.

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