Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quantum Entanglement Visitation Theory

I just had one of those weird little experiences where someone you know from 20 years ago shows up on your doorstep. Today, one of the gentlemen from a company we are consulting with regards to the future of our web page turned out to be a guy I hung out with in college.

I hadn't seen him for 20 years, and I felt like I was 20 the whole time I was sitting in on the meeting. I kept wanting to call him by the name he used in college. Very strange. It was nice to see him and catch up.

Mulling it over afterwards, I was reminded that every year or two, it seemed like I would run into old cohorts and girlfriends one the subway in late winter streaks. Always kind of uncomfortable but, I don't know. I like seeing people I used to know.

Times like these are the only ones when I come close to being convinced there is a deeper order to the universe. They mostly convince me that if there is, no one really has a bead on what it is.

I will propose that the quantum particles given off by the brain during the formation of emotions actually become attached with those of people who cause or share emotions, sort of like entangled particles.

Further more, during certain times of the year, entangled individuals become much more likely to run into each other, like Dickensian ghosts.

This is the Quantum Entanglement Visitation Theory.

I bet the reason that it happens to me in late winter is that my personality ions are negatively polarized. During late winter, the earth is closest to the black holes at the center of the galaxy and exert more pull on negatively ionized personality particles, causing any entanglements to attract each other more forcefully. The general effect of this would probably be masked by a proliferation of non-quantum attractions, like "gravity" and "proximity." So that it's not likely that I will run into old friends or paramours from say, New York or Florida.

Worth it's weight in Craptanium-172.

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