Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm tinkering with the web page.

I added a list of comics I am reading. This is because, between last week and the fact that I will be reading a manuscript of a novel that Ruby and I have been working on together off and on for years, I will not be reading books. I will be reading graphic novel collections, because they're easy to squeeze in, but I didn't want them to swamp my book reading list.

I am adding links to my various websites that sell Amazon books. This is largely because I like tinkering with wizzywig web widgets. BUT. If you want to buy a book from Amazon, and don't mind if I get a dime for the transaction, you can click on the pics of books on these pages, or on the link titled: Kapture's Li'l Big Magic Amazon Store.

Seriously, though, if you're one of the few buds who reads my site, or even some mook who wandered across my site, do not feel pressured by my feeble attempts to monetize my site. They are more tinkering than intention.

In addition, you will see new widgets come and go on the sidebar, because I like adding funky looking stuff to my page and blogger lets me do cool stuff like that now. Hopefully, it will not become overwhelming.

I will also be adding some of the reviews from my old website, because I don't think I'll be putting my old web page back up anytime soon. I like blogs better. Hopefully, they will be better edited. But probably not.

Lastly, I had linked to a site called Till There Was Rock. It was one of my other blogs. I have torn down those posts and have transfered them to this blog. Till There Was Rock was meant to be a theme blog, combining articles on oddball science with stuff about "New Weird" style fantasy fiction and fantasy art. However, between running a game at home, working on a novel and, periodically, short stories, trying to sell all that crap, writing this blog, and living a life, I think it was too much to ask of msyelf. I'm just going to do the "Till There Was Rock" stuff here from now on.

Till There Was Rock, by the by, is a reference to a line in the Bowie song Sweet Head: "Till there was rock - you only had God" which to me expresses the awe inherent in the universe.

What I may do is start a blog talking about 4.0 and the digital initiative, because I would like to be involved with both, at first. It might start out as a campaign blog for my next game, a homebrew that pulls a lot of stuff from Unearthed Arcana and the psionics ruleset to create a sort of stripped down Gonzo d20.

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