Thursday, March 06, 2008

So, John Scalzi, over here in his blog, Whatever, says that Michigan and Florida Dems should stop whining about their Delegates to the Democratic convention not being seated. John Scalzi says: "Screw 'em."

In the response thread, a bunch of different people are chiming in, telling Michigan and Florida residents: "You broke the rules. You should have known better."

Are these Democrats, telling their fellow Democrats to sit down and shut up over an issue of proceedure?

As an American, I am often hear that it is my civic duty to vote. I feel pretty strongly about my opinion. I try to be polite about it, but I value my opinion. In some ways, I think of it as a contribution. I feel strongly about the responsibility to vote. I try to do it every chance I get.

The dems are telling me I should get over that. Fuck my opinion. I showed up to the polls too early.

This is the party that I've voted for in pretty much every election since I came of majority. Do I agree with everything my party does? No. Probably I'm still left of the Democrats on a lot of issues. But I support the party that I think has the best chance of getting some good done.

I'm not bad to the bone. I'm a nebbishy, anxious librarian. I don't go out of my way to rebel against society. But I feel that the phrase "broke the rules" in concert with the time you show up to the polls is... ridiculous. This isn't a matter of criminal proceedings. It's organizational proceedure. Michigan and Florida upset proceedure? And you're willing to tell them their vote is valueless because of that? If I were a swing voter, I'd be angry about that.

I'm not suggesting the DNC be intimidated. I'm suggesting that, as Americans, we should support the right of two states worth of voters to be fully heard by their parties. That should be valued more than proceedure.

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