Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Campaign Stats

My current campaign has run for 2 and 3/4s years.

The first half ran 51 games from July 17th, 2005 until August 22nd, 2006.

We took a two month break to play a Science Fiction Mini Campaign.

The second half ran 60 games from October 21st, 2006 to April 20th 2008.

I started with 3 players. It took me a year of looking to find the other two.

Over the course of the game, we had 18 characters and 13 players, 12 characters from 7 regular players, plus 7 NPCs. We ended with a core of four players whose characters lasted most of the second half of the game. The only character who was there through the whole thing was Chris’ character, Sigdel Fellhand, the Warlock.

I hate Warlocks. But Sigdel was a great character.

The PCs ended up 16th and 17th level, with an APL of 21 because two PCs had become 0 level deities at the end (I game them an ECL of +5).

Eric - Jarn/Akarion/Niv
Chris - Sig
Ruby - Mimosa/Sredny
Jeff - Kazoo
Dave - Kegsam/Afa
Kim - Alia/Tati
Nick/NPC - Kallid
??? - Jess
??? - Shugar
??? - Nosphilion
??? - Dimple
??? - Agrid
??? - Solen
Cohort - William
NPC - Rolf, Ron, Nob, Salt Breath, Ocel, Grieve


Sigdel said...

Ok, I have to ask this: As a character, what did you like about Sig?

C'mon, stroke my ego...

Lawrence said...

You have long hair and ambition sig. Oh, and purple Eldritch Flame. What's not to like?

kim said...

ok I would just like to know where is Grape Ape on that list? He was one of the most memorable npc's. given that his ghost tried to kill us after we got him killed.

Lawrence said...

White Eye? Venerable Awakened Dire Ape Warlock 3? Ah, he could have been much more fun.

The NPC names in the post are the ones on my log sheets, with which you probably shared XP. White Eye, Tymmyx, Malagrieve, and Miliyestrae weren't on the log sheet. They were NPC allies.

Anonymous said...

Thats Kallaad!!!(long "A" after the long "L", let it roll off your tongue)
dam it you fool, get it right!!!

Gobliniod has many nuances