Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aren't I a chatty cathy this week?

The New York Times explains steampunk to the commoners.

Me, I wish everyday was talk like a pirate day.

So, today was submission day. Stop it. You're being wicked.

The last time I submitted was in February of '07. I've often thought that the problem with my writing is not the rejections, but the lack of submissions.

One of my goals this year was to keep three submissions in play. Until today, I've had a total of two in play.

Only one was submitted this year.

But... I wrote a whole story for that one.

So today I retooled my submission record sheet and submitted three stories: Shaerd Destiny to Lone Star Stories, Fine Brass Chicken Legs to Abyss and Apex, and Those Days to Spacesuits and Sixguns. I have about twelve stories, but only four that I'm willing to submit right now... the rest have been submitted, and are being re-written.

I always find this part of the writing thing fraught. I don't know why... the worst they can do is say no, after all.

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