Friday, May 09, 2008

I feel as if I exist by the grace of black coffee alone.

Nothing makes me happier than gonzo science news, physicists knocking on the door of creation. Hopefully, these guys will bring home some answers. It would be interesting to find empirical evidence of string theory. I think it would revitalize science for the masses, especially if they found something that led to technical innovation. Can subatomic particles lead to technical innovation? I would think yes, since computer scientists are working on quantum computing, and entangling photons, and suchlike coolness.

Especially as I've gotten older, I admire people who make concrete contributions to technology or knowledge. I don't do much in the way of hero worship, but Mr. Arkani-Hamed makes me think that would be worthwhile. In any case, looking up his biography on wikipedia leads me to articles on dimensional deconstruction and large extra dimensions, which sound hella cool and comicky. Although, reading them, I understand them not.

Something I do understand is this giant sinkhole thingy in Texas. Ultimately harmless (thankfully, nobody died), it looks all cool and apocalypsy. Imagine watching that happen. I link to the Melbourn sun article because it seems to have the best pics, but you can google news or other news search for Texas sinkhole. It's like 900 feet wide and 180 feet deep. You expect it to burp up Cloverfield. Now I'm going to look up salt domes in wikipedia.

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