Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have been doing stuff and sciency goodness.

Note that I am playing with a twitter account. Because the world never has enough of me. Like all of the widgety junk I play with, you can see it on the right bar.

Although I have yet to upload a video to Youtube, I have created a public playlist that I will continue to update periodically, and included my Youtube address under: My sites. The list is titled Please hand me a pistol, I haven't had breakfast yet. It is good, light hearted faux-Emo fun. Feel free to suggest songs for inclusion.

I love the future more and more. Unlike most people, I really think the future, despite mortgage problems, gas prices, and equivalent crap in the present, will be better, and brilliant. When it comes right down to it, there's only three possibilites for The Big Tomorrow: we become extinct, which is only sad as long as there's a dwindling population, we exhaust our technical capabilities and become a sort of peasanty backwater species, which would be the true tragedy of our species, but would make for some good novels, or we live in a future where the earth is a garden and human beings have purple striped tasmanian devils as house pets. Follow the link. Isn't that a gorgeous article?

The article links on the right side, are, if anything, more thrilling

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