Thursday, May 22, 2008

I recommend - The Triggerman, serialized online novel

I have been having an excess of enthusiasms lately. It may be the death of me.

One that is surely wholesome is on Joe Schrieber's website. Joe is an author of thrillers who has been kind enough to read here at the library a couple of times.

Last week, Joe started to publish a serialized novel on his blog. For free. There's a lot of good fiction on his blog, but The Triggerman is a hella fun thriller novel with apocalyptic overtones. It starts out with a really smooth character study and segues, by the beginning of chapter two, into end of the world style craziness when a plane falls out of a clear blue sky onto the protagonist's condo. Luckily, he's out jogging at the time. The Triggerman speeds up through chapter 3 and 4. It feels a lot like Stephen King, but sharper and more concise.

Here's the beginning of chapter four:

"In the next twenty minutes, three more planes fall out of the sky.

After the jet that goes down in the direction of Hershey, one drops farther off to the south, perhaps five miles away. By that time the crowds of people in what remain of Boone’s condo community are staring up with the blanched, seasick expressions of spectators at some apocalyptic fireworks display, watching the expanse for whatever will come next. The shock of what’s happening has not yet worn off, and it will still be fifteen minutes before the first mass panic begins."

I can't guarantee that it ends as good as it starts. I've only read through chapter four. Well. everybody's only read through chapter four. Joe is releasing it one chapter a day. But in just four days and four chapters, I've gotten really excited about what day five will bring.

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