Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mmmm. Sunday Dinner.

Indexed is funny yet again.

To clear my fiction writing palate, I started a short story tentatively called How to Build a Daddy, which is tough, because it is science fiction. That means I can't just make up everything. Or at least I have to pretend some of it is realistic. It is also tough because there is almost no action. But I need a reason to get up early in the mornings, and this story has been squatting in my head for six months or so. I'm hoping to finish it sometimes next week.

We have a new cat. We took in a friends cat because they were moving to a complex. He is very handsome and playful, which annoys the hell out of our old cat, who swears at him in the most foul kitty language when he tries to engage her. He is 14 in kitty years, she is 105 or something like that. Still spry. We could learn alot from cats.

What should I do with myself this summer?

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