Saturday, May 24, 2008

So last weekend we had visitors: our friend Gina and Ruby's brother John. They drove up form New York. I always love company, but had to work through most of their stay. That was my poor scheduling.

We did use the visit as an excuse to go out and get yummied up, at a local restraunt called LODOs, and Outback Steakhouse. Mmmm.

On Sunday, we went to a local attraction: the Air Zoo. This lovely museum has an annex in the back that we haven't been to yet. There's a great exhibet of early twentieth century planes, including one you can walk on to, and other artifacts, including some truly funky looking guns. There's also an aerospace exhibet, with a little ride/show that covers a hypothetical mars landing, that I thought was fun.

Poppy going to the moon.
Poppy on the moon. Who's that guy behind her? Watch out, Poppy! Watch out!

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