Sunday, May 25, 2008

You ever notice how when you have a few days off coming up, you can't seem to concentrate the first couple of days? I believe that this is the result of directed or "cold" probability mixing with undirected or "hot" probability. The resulting probability turbulence, similar to the turbulence created in air or water when hot and cold currents mix, generates mental static which causes the functioning of the brain to slow down.

All this by way of saying I have a fortuitous four day weekend caused by working the weekend before a three day weekend. Huzzah! I am hard at work finishing hanging chad projects: garage cleaning, game card finishing, clothing inventory.

Today, we went to a little renaissance festival in the county next to us. The small ones are a little seedy. This one had a sort of medieval head shop air about it. but the people were friendly, and there were some very nice vendors. I bought dead animal parts for the women in my family, and they were very grateful. Ruby's was her birthday present, a cougar skull. She loves to decorate our mantel with bones. Mine will go up there someday, probably soon. Poppy wanted a coyote tail.

My Celestial Wastelands game has fallen by the wayside. Marriages and surgeries are breaking up the last few games before Chris will run Keep on the Shadow Fell. I have to admit, my excitement was low. I think I have gotten sidetracked by 4th ed. Hopefully, I can pick up the Celestial Wasteland's experiment at another time. La.

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