Saturday, February 16, 2008

Interesting things

This week has been a cavalcade of time consuming near disasters, that ended with a poorly edited post being locked for editing by the Amazon link I included with it. I should be grateful that all the misses were near, I guess. Typically, I am not. It was exhausting, and in the inky depths of winter I don't really have the energy to be graceful.

All week long, my kid does neat things, or I think of something that would make a blog post. Then I promptly forget them, and my blog sits here, pining for my attention. Sitting around my folks' place last weekend, I had some time to think, and I remembered some of the really interesting things that have been happening lately. But not getting posted.

Poppy, of course, does most of the interesting stuff in my life. We have gone sledding twice this winter. There is a bitty sledding hill pretty near my house. We go down on a foam and latex sled that lace holders on my boots slashes up. We aim for the bumps. It's lot's of fun. I banged my head good on that last bump, though. Nothing beats the sheer joy in a kid's voice when they do something like careening down an icy hill on a frictionless matte for the first time. Poppy shrieked like a gleeful banshee.

Also, Poppy is drawing again. I posted one of her early drawings, but she's branched out. She is drawing dinosaurs from the Land Before Time movies, one of her current favorite franchises. Then she cuts them out and glues them together in these flat, side-scroll style dioramas that are just awe inspiring.

They remind me of the sheer bliss out joy I used to get drawing fortresses or space wars. I would start by drawing a scene: gun embankments on either side of a canyon, or a sky full of space ships. Then I would draw the arcs of laser shots or bombs from one embankment or ship to the other, destroying my picture with the scribbled explosions that resulted. Ia, Kaos! Ia, the bringer of destruction! That was interactive, before interactive was interactive. I love that she is doing cool things with her brain.

Also, Poppy is becoming political. Poppy likes to join whatever we are doing. Now that we are having heated discussions surrounding the election, she wants to be a part of them. She will announce to the table: "I know who Mitt Romney is!" or "I know who Barak Obama is!"

I will always take the time to ask, "Oh, yes? Who is so and so?"

"Somebody who wants to become president of the United States!"

So much poise. She could be a junior Senator.

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