Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I love Rock and Roll!

Because of Pandora, I remembered how much I loved Pop music, which I call Rock and Roll, no matter how goony it is. Pandora is an online radio station. Sign up for the site, type a name, band, music style, or song title into the create a field station. Pandora then generates a playlist of music like that music, and keeps playing it as long as you have it up.

You can "culture" or grow a station by thumbs upping songs that you like, and adding bands and song titles. I've grown three or four stations this way: my Hippy Bastard Station (rocky folk), my New Weird station (80's/New Wave/Emo), and my Happy Fun Time (Hair/Heavy Metal) station. I'm in the process of growing a station based around a seed of Joan Jett tunes, but don't have a name for it yet.

For some reason, Pandora stopped working for me at work, often stopping in the middle of song. At home, I have my huge collection of music, and no real need of Pandora, though it works fine. Despite this annoying technical difficulty, it's a better product for listening to music than YouTube, if for no other reason than you don't have to search for and create playlists like you do in YouTube, and selections don't mysteriously disappear from Pandora.

Because of the suggestions from Pandora, I rekindled my interest in funky rock acts like Bif Naked, The Cars, Garbage, and Joan Jett.

More importantly, the Internet, including Pandora, brought me to: AC/DC, John Coulton, Get Set Go, Anya Marina, the Donnas, the Dollyrots, Twisted Sister, and Motley Crue.



Merrie Haskell said...

I adore Bif Naked a ridiculous amount. I'm not sure there's anyone who quite fits alongside her in her niche.

I like Angry Chicks Singing Alone, as well as Vaguely Annoyed Chicks Singing Alone. Those are my preferred genres, for sure. ;) Have you tried any Bree Sharp? Excluding the novelty "David Duchovny" song which is funny but not exactly an anthem?

PS. Your continued absence from Excelsior is totally bumming me out.

Anonymous said...

Try the Candy Band - punk versions of kids songs by a bunch of 80s moms. One of them lives on my street.