Monday, February 09, 2009

Salvation of the Righteous... (Say and Do 2)

And the economics of the afterlife.

So I was walking in the graveyard today, and yes, I am hard core. I was goth before goth was goth. Anyway, digression.

So I was walking in the graveyard today, and I read a psalm carved into the bottom of one of the stones: "Salvation of the righteous lies in the Lord." I normally don't consider the bible too much, but for some reason I wanted to turn that psalm over in my head like I would work a smooth pebble in my hand.

It interested me as a logical proposition. Something like (if = to or greater than Righteous) than (The Lord is = to salvation). Be Forgiving. Been awhile since I took logic.

It often seems like the standard proposition of evangelical Christians is something like this (if = to or greater than believe in God) than (Jesus is = to salvation). I've always been a little uncomfortable with that. I can see how it would be comforting, but it seems, on the surface, to excuse evil in the name of faith.

As I understand it, this question amongst the Christians is a argument of works vs. faith. Some of them believe you have to be good, others only that you have to think good thoughts (about Jesus). I don't like the latter school much because it means they are essentially given dispensation to fuck with me and mine.

This is the excuse that many of the religious right wse to fuck around with other people's rights via DOMAs and suchlike.

So the psalm I saw on the tombstone seems like a better proposition to me.

It solves the problem of evil. It looks like it says, on the surface, if you are a Righteous dude, then the Lord will save you. However, it makes God seem impotent. If you are unrighteous, then he cannot, whether or not your are down with Jesus. I can see why authoritarian religious types don't like it. It kind of requires that you be humble around your fellow human beings, not just your all powerful God.

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