Friday, March 27, 2009

The innards of my blog are littered with the stubs of half wild rantings, obnoxious opinions, gripes, and more constructive articles I don't have the patience to finish. My mood of late has been short and grimy and vicious, like a feral, dwarfish shark-man dancing in it's subterranean prison.

If that wasn't an overextended metaphor...

Anyways! Small things make me happy. Like, at Google, they have posted gaming themed backgrounds for you iGoogle page. The Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons ones especially warm my heart. The themes they have range from Galaga and Mario Bros. to The Sims and Guitar Hero.

As I have mentioned before, I feed alot of my internet life through my iGoogle page: I make notes to myself through it, check my email and RSS feed, have a lot of links that I use commonly. My iGoogle page is practically the first piece of media I see each day, and stays with me. It's great to have something fun to decorate it with.

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