Monday, December 05, 2011

I just published a book titled Rock of Aeons

I just published a book titled Rock of Aeons on Kindle and Smashwords, making an indy-publisher of myself. Ah, the power. For anybody who has read and commented on any of my work before, I am happy to set you up with a coupon code to get a free copy from Smashwords, which should mean you can read it on any device. I have yet to set it up as a print-on-demand.

For everybody else, the tag line is "It's angels versus djinn in a fight to determine who controls the future of mankind, with one apathetic skip tracer deciding who wins." It's about 200 pp long and I put it up for $.99, because it's short and I'm nobody. You can follow the links to buy copies for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, whatever electronic device you prefer to read on.

A longer description runs something like:

"Ozzie (Ozma) Jones, licensed bail bondswoman, is following Hank, the oiliest skip she’s ever had, to what she thinks might be a dropoff of stolen goods in a Midwestern junkyard.

Hank and the Seraph begin to fight. Hank turns into a dog to run away, and Ozzie is wounded. When she wakes up in the hospital, Ozzie finds out Hank has ended up in the pound.

She rescues Hank from the pound, but is interrupted when Astaris, a Seraph who was injured in the junkyard fight, appears and attacks her. As they flee, Hank explains that he is a Djinn, and that when Ozzie bled on Astaris he became a fallen Seraph, and is now addicted to her.

Drawn into a secret war between shape shifting Djin and government infiltrating Seraph (both of whom think they know what is best for humanity) Ozzie is compelled to make hard decisions about how far she will extend herself to interfere."

It is rated V minus for teh Violence without gore and P minus for occasional teh Seks

The very lovely cover you see next to these paragraphs is by Prosenjit Bhattacharya (maxpro), contracted through I should be publishing an article soon that describes my little adventure in design.

This is the acnowledgements page at the end of the manuscript:

This is my book, and self published or not, I need to thank a bunch of people for its being here. First, my Moms, for telling me I could be anything I wanted. She was wrong, and my interpretation of that horrendous lie continues to get me in trouble to this day, but I wouldn't have written or posted this without her benign admonition to try shit. I want to thank Ruby Kapture, always my first reader. I want to thank Margaret Yang and Cathy Srygly, who took the time to read this and offer excellent suggestions to a sad, poor hack without the support of a publishing house. I want to thank Catherine Haluska Shaffer and Jim Hines for running those crit groups at Conclave and showing me what I was missing - the fellowship of writers. Lastly, I want to thank both fellowships who critted sections of Rock of Aeons: Excelsior!, especially Merrie Haskell for being kind and brilliant, and Sarah Zettel for being precise and pushy, and the Kazoo Books Group: John Wenger, Tim Webster, Becky Cooper, Jonathan Rock, William Kuehl, Dave Klecha, and Caroline Miller, who kept my sloppiness in line, put up with me, and are easily some of the best human beings in the universe.

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