Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indie Pub News

The first week of May, I am planning on releasing Vignetta in the Red House. Because I am self  indie publishing, and really have nothing to lose, I will be entering the Kindle Advantage program with both my novels, which means that for at least three months my two novels will only be available from Amazon, in the Kindle format. For a couple of days each I will make them free, to see how many downloads an unknown author can get doing this. For Science! Sweet, sweet Indypub science.

I will also be changing the price point I am selling at. Because the $.99 price is not magic, or possibly past it's use-by date, I am going to claim Amazon's 70% royalty rate by selling titles at or above $2.99. This will let me make more from selling my books very slowly, rather than less.

However, because I aim to make money by selling books to strangers, not friends, AND because I would like to encourage some traffic to the Kindle page for my book, I am going to make another offer to friends:

If you want a free copy of Rock of Aeons from Smashwords, and are willing to post a review to the Amazon site, I will send you a coupon code if you private message or email me. It doesn't have to be a good review. You hate the book, write a one star review. But I would like to get some more reviews on Amazon. Think about it! Free book. And before you fuss about buying it: right now I make .30 each sale. The potential joy I create by entertaining someone I love (Yes, I love all of  you!) is worth way more than a third of a cup of coffee. Cheap coffee.

In fact: if you have a friend who says they would review it, have them PM or email me with your name, and I will give them a coupon code, too. The possibility of entertaining someone that you love is worth almost as much to me, because you have added so much to my life. Does that sound unctuous? It isn't. The only thing I really have to offer people is my strange, strange brain.

Fair warning, there is sex in Rock of Aeons.

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