Sunday, April 22, 2012

Indie Pub News

Not that anyone is paying attention, regards Rock of Aeons, but it's coming down off of Smashwords today. It will continue to be sold on Amazon. I will no longer be able to give coupon codes, but have saved epub and mobi version for those treasured people close to me, and potential reviewers, who want to read it for free. In addition, I will set it to free on Amazon for three days in mid May.

The first week of May, I am planning on releasing Vignetta in the Red House. Because I am indie publishing, and really have nothing to lose, I will be entering the Kindle Advantage program with both my novels, which means that for at least three months my two novels will only be available from Amazon, in the Kindle format. However, you can read them on other devices: laptops, blackberries, smart phones, android tablets, iPhones, or iPads, with Kindle reader Aps.

I will also be changing the price. Because the $.99 price is not magic, or possibly past it's use-by date, I am going to claim Amazon's 70% royalty rate by selling titles at or above $2.99. This will let me make more from selling my books very slowly, rather than less.

Vignetta in the Red House will be released on May 2nd, and be free from May 2nd until the 4th. Rock of Aeons will be free May 16th until May 18th. Both will be free again June 13th and 14th in celebration of my birthday.

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