Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock of Aeons will be free May 17th until May 19th. My first indie publication, published back in December of 2011 without the benefit of the KDP select free pricing, here is the blurbing:

When Ozzie follows Hank into a junkyard, she doesn't expect to find him being held up by angels. Nor does she expect him to turn into a dog to escape from them. Ozma Jones (Ozzie to her friends) is plunged into the middle of the war between shape shifting Djinn and angels who have infiltrated the world's governments. The Djinn want to use her as a mule to carry the missing piece of Solomon's ring. The angels just want her out of the way, and will stop at nothing to nullify her. If the missing piece of the ring is replaced, it will stop the angels from interfering in human affairs, and keep Ozzie and her family from being punished for what Ozzie knows. But to do so, she has to avoid falling for Hank, and maybe even summon a more ancient threat than either angels or Djinn.

This one is shorter but racier than Vignetta: Contains violence and sexual content. 200 pp novel.There is also a print edition

I have received a lot of kind words from the free promotions, which, if you're not in it for the money, is pretty much the best thing you can get.

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