Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Vignetta in the Red House goes live today!

May 2nd! I’m releasing Vignetta in the Red House today. This is a novel about a girl who likes to make homuculi and her tyrannical grandmother.

Here’s the cover copy:

When Vinni was five, her mother was institutionalized for madness. Vinni’s family, the women of the Red House, have built their wealth and standing by using alchemy to make homunculi: Artificial creatures that act as companions and helpmates. Vinni's mother made the best.

Since her mother was sent away, Vinni has longed to make homunculi as brilliant as her mother's. Though none of her Aunts will undertake to teach Vinni anything serious of the craft until she's had her first blood, Vinni is learning in secret, hampered by the strict rules of her Grandmother, who leads the Red House.

Vinni's quest to make a homunculus early puts her on a collision course with Grandmother's plans for the Red House, which are in turn putting the Red House on a collision course with the rest of Sangrila, the most powerful city state on the Red Coast.

When Vinni discovers that her Grandmother’s plotting is responsible for her mother's insanity, she flees to the streets of the city. On the streets, hunted by the other forces of Sangrila, Vinni collects a group of her sorceress cousins and street urchins to become the opposition to her Grandmother's monstrous plans. Can they save the only home Vinni has ever known?

432 pp, some scary situations for children.

It will sell as an ebook for $4.99, BUT for the first three days, May 2nd - 4th, it will be FREE!

I am only releasing this on Amazon, for the Kindle. However, you can read Kindle titles on other devices: laptops, blackberries, smart phones, android tablets, iPhones, or iPads, with Kindle reader Aps. So go over and download a copy to save for when you have a tablet: it will be in your Amazon account forever. Also, if you are part of the Amazon Prime program, you can borrow it for free.

It will sell in dead tree format as well, for $12.99.

Oh, and also: I have a Facebook author page, so if you don’t already think I’m enough of a troll, go on over there and like me. Please? Really, really like me? :)

And here are my Acknowledgements: This is my book, and self published or not, I need to thank a bunch of people for its being here. I want to thank Ruby Kapture, always my first reader. I want to thank Cathy Srygly, who took the time to read the full manuscript and offer excellent suggestions. I want to thank Kat Slater, another reader who schooled me on writing about young ladies. Lastly, I want to thank Excelsior!, the crit group who critted sections of Red House: especially Merrie Haskell, Sarah Zettel, and Christine Pellar-Kosbar (who should write more). The cover is by Kevin Amiel Bagabaldo Ismael (Vin.Ismael), contracted through

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